The Delights of Automobiling
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The Delights of Automobiling

The Delights of Automobiling (1900)

This is altogether a remarkable picture and of very fine photographic value. It shows a picturesque country road, down which comes a two-seated automobile carrying four people. As the machine approaches a position directly in front and near the camera it explodes in a tremendous cloud of smoke. A policeman standing near by rushes to the scene of the disaster and in great amazement looks to the sky where the people have been blown. As he looks the shattered remains fall to earth; first an arm, then a leg, etc., until the road is covered with fragments. The policeman gathers them all together and puts down memoranda in his note book and then goes and reports the disaster. The scene is so well done that it is startling in the extreme and at the same time very humorous.

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Original Title: Explosion of a Motor Car